We are recognised by the Government of India as a Government Recognised Star Export House. We began in the year 2008 and started our business with around 1200 sq.ft of rented space and gradually through our team's hard work We moved to our own premises of more than 25,000 sq.ft in 2013. All the checking, packing and finishing happens here. There are around 100+ people working for us and more people are contracted if needed. All the dyeing, weaving, processing, printing work are outsourced and closely monitored by our staff.



We outsource the dyeing to Cabinet Hank Dyeing Units and Fabric Dyeing Units that have the capacity and to produce 2000 kgs a day. We employ eco-friendly effluent treatment processes using Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Plants in our dyeing units.




Our Weaving Unit comprises contracts with many handlooms, power looms, auto looms and jacquard looms with Weaving widths from 60” to 120” fabrics. Based on the order quantity looms are sourced. Our quality of weaving machinery are Rapiers and Air Jet Looms. Our range of supply includes the use of cotton, linen, bamboo, jute, polyester and recycled cotton.



We are capable of handling bulk orders successfully with the help of our high-end sewing machines with a dedicated Lay - Cutting facility and an inspection team to maintain stringent quality standards.
Stitching of made-ups done in domestic stitching units which are equipped with manual and power operated sewing Machines. Perfect Sizes are maintained for the made-ups to ensure the quality by maintaining proper quality Control techniques. Quality threads are used during stitching.



Checking of the Fabrics and Made ups done by skilled checkers and quality control chart is maintained to control defects in further productions. A High standard quality of fabrics and made ups are ensured through our perfect checking system.
A separate packing supervisor is assigned to check the goods periodically to check the Packaging is made according to the Customer’s Specifications like Inserts Covers, Stiffener, Plastic Hangers, Poly bag etc.



Testing and Quality Assurance is carried out in compliance with International Quality Standards and Management Systems to ensure the best quality at every stage with the help of our Quality Assurance personnel.

Yarn that is to be procured is selected based on its strength and quality. Dyed Yarn received from the dyeing units is tested for its fastness to light and rubbing. Fabric procured from the looms is tested for their burst strength and shrinkage. If the fabric doesn’t meet the requirement they are sent to processing mills to be treated.

We go the extra mile in choosing the finest quality of yarn by methodic scrutiny of our raw materials and their sources. Stringent Quality Control measures are undertaken right from the stage of procurement of raw materials, dyeing, weaving, printing, stitching, embellishments, finishing, to packaging. Additionally, at the end of each output, our team ensures that the quality of each product is of impeccable standards.